A question on 2 fields in NetworkManager setup

Hi,I have spent numerous hours searching and following some very good threads on this forum to get my Broadcom BCM 4315 card running, after installing a new kernel finally find the wireless tab no longer grayed out in NetworkManager. However there are two required entries in NetworkManager that I am unfamiliar with they are DHCP Client ID: my searching suggests that this by default is the MAC address but can be anything, BSSID: Basic service set identifier, the MAC address of the wireless AP.
These have not been needed for other linux systems i have used.

My question is simply how do I find this info,I know this question is very basic for some reason my searches are not producing the results I am after. A hand with this would be great, Thanks

  1. I am unfamiliar with they are DHCP Client ID:
    You should not need to add anything here, use auto DHCP

  2. BSSID:
    With my Infrastructure connection I don’t enter anything here.

Thanks for clearing this up caf4926.
With the entries correct in NetworkManager I can continue chasing this problem.

Thanks again all I needed to do at that stage was to leave those two fields (which I incoccectly thought were required) empty.
I simply set up a new conection and wireless is working nicely.

Good to hear. Well done;)