A public apology.....

I just re-read my awfulness in the thread once called “Linux does not work!”

I would like to apologise to all of you who tried to assist. I have no excuse and my “reasons” do not make it any better.
FWIW my reasons:

  1. I was HORRIBLY drunk (I had had some bad news blah yawn)
  2. I REALLY needed to listen to some comforting music that evening (I had had some bad news blah yawn)
  3. err that’s about it really…

so I “decided” to take out my frustrations on openSuse, Linux and the community here…

I am truly sorry for my outburst/rant, and I hope you can forgive.

Apologies accepted. Linux does work but this does not mean it doesn’t have problems on its own and things can’t break. Every single OS has them and they are usually of different type or nature. In the future, instead of posting pointless threads, wasting everyone’s time and saying this or that does not work, include how it does not work and what you did so far (or didn’t do). “Does not work” is not a problem description rather a problem acknowledgment/recognition

Ty Microchip8; unfortunately I was in no condition at the time even to consider, let alone report upon “how/why/what I had done”

Your rant was tame compared to some of the nonsense we get round here. Don’t sweat it, you already sweated enough the next day by the sound of things lol!

Apology accepted.

We all have our moments, don’t we… :wink:

I don’t think you were actually really rude to anyone, so personally, I say forget about it!

> say forget about it!

but seriously consider all the potential bad effects of alcohol and
your well being…


I’ll drink to that!

No… Hang on…

Good for you. :slight_smile: It’s gone and forgotten.

It was fortunate you didn’t pay much attention to the pictures of power cable into wall socket, that someone posted there. Linux might not have been the only thing to crash out that evening. lol!