A problem with video board

Hello everybody!
I’m a novice in this forum (I just registered here) so if i’m wrong the section for my problem please move it in the right section, thanks.
Yesterday I built my custom operating system (obvious with OpenSuse Studio). I downloaded the iso image and I burned it in a dvd.
I launched it but when it finished his loads, my video board didn’t load the graphic system. I visualized only lots rows with different colours.
I think it’s a problem with video board’s driver, is there anyone that can help me?
I’m not English so I don’t speak it very well, I hope I have explained my problem clearly.
I hope you can help me soon!
Thanks. :slight_smile:

Hi everybody,
I’m new as well here, and I have the same problem: installed with no problems, but at startup it tells me that there are too many display failures, so it won’t load gdm.
My graphic card is AMD HD6850.
Thanks for reading (and, I hope, for helping)

Thanks for the corrections, but my problem is another thing.
My graphic card is a NVIDIA GeForce.

There is a thread here on the AMD HD 6850 : Linux driver support for ATI HD 6850 In essence it is so new that neither the radeon nor radeonhd opensource graphic drivers in openSUSE-11.4 support that hardware. It is possible, however, you can get this working with the vesa or fbdev graphic driver. Try booting with the boot codes “nomodeset x11failsafe”

If you can get the GUI to boot you can then try installing the proprietary AMD Catalyst graphic driver version 11.3 which may have limited support for the HD 6850.

I assume openSUSE-11.4 is the version of openSUSE you are trying. The version you are trying is important, and anytime you make a post for help you should state what openSUSE version you are using.

Can you more explicit as to EXACTLY what nVidia GeForce ? There are many.

Typically with nVidia hardware, openSUSE-11.4 will try to boot with the open source ‘nouveau’ graphic driver, and dependent on ones EXACT nVidia version, that may not not work (most the time it should work). If it does not work then one can try the ‘nv’ opensource graphic driver by specifying ‘nomodeset’ as a boot code in the initial grub splash/boot menu. If that fails, then one can try the boot code ‘x11failsafe’ which will force loading of the FBDEV opensource graphic driver. Its possible one may also need to try ‘nomodeset x11failsafe’ as boot codes.

Its possible the proprietary nvidia graphic driver will work, but there is more than one such driver dependent on one’s exact nvidia graphic hardware version.

If the above is totally confusing and you do not know what I am talking about, please advise. Sometimes it can be difficult to pick a user’s level when replying.

Mmm, thank you for the answers. I’ll try them and i’ll tell you.