A problem with suse linux GUI

A problem with suse linux GUI

Recently i bought a ACER laptop preloaded with suse linux 10 desktop edition. Today I tried logining into Gnome -> control center -> look and feel -> desktop effects.

previously my desktop effects was disabled. i just enabled.

when i rebooted it the xserver is not opening. it ends in the terminal mode.

when i give the command startx…it processes and fails and ends in terminal mode only.
i am new to suse linux.(but the boot screen alone loads and xserver fails and ends in terminal)

Please help me how to repair this issue.
Thanks in advance

I just had the same problem, but got lucky and fixed it.
See this thread; maybe you’ll get lucky too.
lost my gui - openSUSE Forums

  • sajoseph,

on the command line, try
sudo gnome-xgl-switch --disable-xgl