A problem:OpenSUSE 11.1

I installed OpenSUSE 11.1 KDE4, have no this problem in the beginning. I don’t know when, appears the problem.

The problem description: Use ls /home/viki (viki is my username) command in the terminal, can display the contents including some files and folders. But in the file manager or Konqueror( konqueror is a good file explorer and web explorer in KDE), entry the path /home/viki/, nothing can be displayed. But, after input the path /home/viki/Documents in the address bar of Konqueror directly, the contents nuder the folder Documents can be displayed rightly.
And right-click the folder viki in the folder home, and choice the “Attribute”, the size always display “calculating the size … 0 B (0), 0 folders, 0 sub-folders”.

I’m a chinese, and my english is poor, so please excuse for my mistake!

See the picture follow:

your english is better than my Chinese, so i am happy you used english…

your problem is (i think) that “ls /home/viki” will show hidden
files, but the default konqueror setup will not…

try this in konqueror, click on “View” (third from left on my english
konqueror: Location, Edit, View) then look for an option named “Show
hidden files” (three UP from the bottom, or 10 down from the top,
between “Preview” and “Folder icons reflect contents”) and left click
it, which will place an X next to it, AND show all the hidden things
you can see with ls…

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Thank you very much!
But as you say so, or no effect.
This problem appears on all applications which need call file manager, and I try it on Gnome Desktop Environment, it’s same. The folders and files under the /home/viki/ can’t display only, all can display under other folders.

Very very strange. Will have to wait until someone else reads and
knows more than me.

While waiting, what you might do it when in konqueror and at /home
(when you can see the folder named ‘viki’) RIGHT click on the folder
and a menu will popup, select “Properties” (at the bottom) and a new
window opens…click on “Permissions” tab and make sure the top on
(“Owner”) says “Can View & Modify Content”

also, down near the bottom, in “Ownership” section, “user” block
should show “viki”.

MAYBE that fix. Maybe not.

yes, the “Permissinos” tab is that you said!!
How strange it is!

vickyzhe wrote:
> yes, the “Permissinos” tab is that you said!!
> How strange it is!

maybe something in your /home/viki folder got jumbled up…

TRY this: go to YaST, give your root password when asked and then
click on “Security and Users” in the left pane…

the right pane will change when you do, and you then click on “User

a new window will open where you can ADD a new user, do that by
clicking on the “Add” button near the bottom, which will cause the
window to change, maybe add a user named viki2 (and do NOT forget the
password you put in)…

then when you have finished that and closed YaST, and all your other
open applications you can right click on the desktop, and select log
out and switch user to viki2…

when you have signed into viki2 try Konqueror again and see if
everything shows as it should (you may have to select “Show Hidden
files” again…maybe not)

IF you can then see all the files in konqueror in viki2 you are
pretty sure something in viki got messed up somehow, but i can’t tell
you what…

tell me, have you ever logged into KDE/GNOME as root? if so you MAY
have accidently damaged the file /home/viki/.ICEauthority, check its
permissions and insure viki is the user and the owner “Can REad &

good luck

Don’t apologize for your English. It is better than most native speakers. I don’t know a single word in Chinese. If you will give me one (phonetically) simple Chinese word like “Yes” or “No” or “hello”, I promise to use it in conversation today.

I am as new to openSUSE as you are, so I can’t give you any competent technical answer. I did have a similar problem that turned out to be my files were not being saved where I thought they would be. I created a simple file and saved it with a unique name.

It did not appear where I expected so I searched my hard drive for the file name and found all my “lost” files there. Then it was a matter of directing my saved files to where I wanted them to be or looking for them where they were actually saved.


Thank you very much! But I had re-installed the system before see your post, sorry I hadn’t repair that problem, mybe you are right. If I encount the problem, I will do by your post!

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