a problem in booting opensuse

i am having a boot problem with opensuse.i installed a theme named suse-elegant under personal settings(configure desktop)-system administration-login screen.

i had also added vbox users(i ticked vboxusers) under yast-security and users-user and group management-edit-details to make virtual box work.

i want to check that installed theme so i restarted my laptop.after the restart opensuse taking too long time to boot

note:the login theme also not working.

after the boot i restored defaults in login screen themes.it is also not working.

i don’t know which cause this problem(vboxusers or login theme).i am also seeing a root user has been added in my login area.i tried opensuse failsafe also.it is also not working.what to do?please help me.

If you can login

Go to Yast > Security and Users > User and Group Management

And create a new user account.
Let’s call it: test
For the password use the same as the username, just to make it easy (we’ll delete it later anyway): test

so to login, click on test and enter test for the password

Does this account work better?

Also, when you boot and initially get the grub options (including windows) do you see any additional entries there? Also once you select and boot openSUSE, if you press Esc. you watch for error messages during the boot process

all working great again.no another boot entries,now my problem is how to remove root entry in my login screen.i can remove the test via yast but i can’t remove the root entry how to do this?

What do you have here
Is it like mine, except different user name

Carl see the following image this is my users tab,


what to do next?

Try checking root check box in that screen
You will probably need to give admin password

I know mine isn’t and I don’t have root at my login. I’m not too sure what you have fiddled with. Someone else may know…