A Package Dependency Could Not Be Found

patch:openSUSE-2013-353-1.noarch conflicts with kdebase4-workspace-debuginfo.x86_64 < 4.10.2-1.11.3 provided by kdebase4-workspace-debuginfo-4.10.0-1.8.1.x86_64

I had two error messages as above, referring to 2 different debuginfo packages. I went ahead & deleted both packages in question & auto updating then proceeded fine. Any tips on repo management & conflicts?

My suggestion are:

**1) Do not install debug files unless you know they are needed for some reason. **

2) Next, my suggestion is to only add in the Packman repository and update your system as follows:

To fully upgrade, I would do the following tasks for openSUSE 12.3 using KDE:

  1. Go to YaST (Enter Root Password) / Software / Software Repository and specify the URL addition of the Packman Repository “http://packman.inode.at/suse/openSUSE_12.3/” excluding the quotes if not already done.
  2. Go to YaST (Enter Root Password) / Software / Software Management and select Options and check Allow Vendor Change.
  3. Again, still in Software Management select Package / All Packages / Update if newer version available and press the Accept button on the bottom right.

3) To avoid Package problems do this:**

To avoid package problems, the most important thing to do is to: NEVER
ignore a dependency, even if YaST/zypper/updater gives you such an option!
In general, never switch to an >inferior< architecture and the solution is
most often to just switch Vendor to the >Packman< repository. So changing
the vendor is OK, but >ignoring< dependencies is never a very good idea!
Thank You,

Why did you install debuginfo packages in first place ? They are not required for regular usage .

And if you do want to have the openSUSE-Debug repo activated, I’d suggest to also enable the openSUSE-Update-Debug repo. (same would go for Debug-Non-Oss and Update-Debug-Non-Oss)
Then YaST/zypper could have resolved the conflict itself by updating the debuginfo package as well… :wink: