A Newbie's Checklist - Installing PC5750 modem on 11.1

Just for fun I thought I’d list the steps a newbie might use to install a Verizon PC5750 modem in openSUSE 11.1 with KDE 4.1

openSUSE 11.1
KDE 4.1.3
KNetworkManager 0.7r848570-23.1
YaST 2.17.54-1.1

Verizon PC5750 Type II PCMCIA modem
Device Name: /dev/ttyACM0
Device Identifier: 210690 (0x3702)
Vendor Identifier: 200812 (0x106c)

1. Configure Modem

Insert PC5750 PCMIA modem
Select YaST Control Center > Network Devices > Modem
-----Modem Configuration Overview page-----
Highlight PANTECH USB MODEM (Not configured)
Press Edit
-----Modem Parameters page-----
Modem Device: /dev/ttyACM0
Dial Prefix: <blank>
Dial Mode: Tone Dialing
Special Settings: <blank>
Press Details
-----Modem Parameters Details page-----
Baud Rate: 115200
Init1: ATZ
Init2: AT Q0 V1 E1 S0=0 &C1 &D2 +FCLASS=0
Init3: <blank>
Enable Device Control for Non-root User Via KInternet: CHECKED
Dial Prefix Regular Expression: <blank>
Press OK
Press Next
-----Select Internet Service Provider (ISP) page-----
Select Custom Providers
Press New
-----Provider Parameters page-----
Provider Name: Verizon
Phone Number: #777
User Name: xxxxxxxxxx@zw3g.com (xxx is your assigned VZaccess phone #)
Password: VZW (in caps)
Always Ask for Password: <blank>
Press Next
-----Connection Parameters page-----
How the interface should be set up: Manually
Dial on Demand: <blank>
Modify DNS When Connected: CHECKED
Automatically retrieve DNS: CHECKED
Automatically Reconnect: CHECKED
Ignore Prompts: <blank>
External Firewall Interface: <blank>
Idle Time-out (seconds): 900 (15 minute) <–select your own preference
Press IP Details
-----IP Address Settings page-----
Dynamic IP Address: CHECKED
Default Route: CHECKED
Press OK
Press Next
You will see the original PANTECH USB MODEM plus a new modem (e.g. modem0)
Make sure the new modem is highlighted
Press OK

2. Configure Firewall

Select YaST Control Center > Security & Users > Firewall
Select Interfaces (left-nav menu)
-----Firewall Configuration: Interfaces page-----
Press Change
Select External Zone for modem0
Press Next
Select Allowed Services (left-nav menu)
-----Firewall Configuration: Interfaces page-----
Enter your preferred Allowed Servicess
Press Advanced
Enter your preferred Additional Allowed Ports
Press OK
Select Start-Up
NOTE: In initially setting up my modem I temporarily specified the below
Additional Allowed Ports, then once I could successfully connect
using the modem, I reset the TCP/UDP ports back to something reasonable
TCP Ports 1:1023
UDP Ports 1:1023
RPC Ports <blank>
IP Protocols <blank>
-----Firewall Configuration: Start-Up page-----
Select Enable Firewall Automatic Starting
Press Save Settings and Restart Firewall Now
Press Next
-----Firewall Configuration: Summary page-----
Review to confirm selected settings
Press Finish
3. Reboot to ensure Modem & Firewall settings are properly loaded

4. Configure Connection (assumes KNetworkManager is running, should be an icon in SystemTray)
NOTE → It may be necessary to temporarily disable any pre-existing connections (ethernet, wireless lan, etc)

Click KNetworkManager icon in system tray
Select New Connection > /dev/ttyACM0
-----New Connection popup page1-----
Number: #777 (should already be populated)
Username: xxxxxxxxxx@zw3g.com (xxx is your assigned VZaccess access phone #)
Password: VZW
Press Next
-----New Connection popup page2-----
All connection settings should already be populated (Baud Rate, Data Bits, etc)
Press Next
-----New Connection popup page3-----
All connection settings can be left unchanged (No Authorization, Reuse EAP, etc)
Press Next
-----New Connection popup page4-----
All connection settings can be left unchanged (Use manual IP configuration, etc)
Press Next
-----New Connection popup page5-----
Connection Name: Veriz (or your preferred name)
Autoconnect: <blank>
Press Save

5. To connect/disconnect Internet via KNetworkManager

Click KNetworkManager icon in system tray
Select your new connection Veriz (DHCP)
KNetworkManager icon changes into a broadcasting icon indicating a successful connection
Click KNetworkManager broadcasting icon in system tray
Select the X-marked Veriz (DHCP) entry
Traditional KNetworkManager icon returns

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Thanks for posting this, it may help someone. I edited it in to the HCL
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