A newbie review of 11.0

11.0 is very easy to install, and installs faster than previous versions.
(Comment: SuSE has always been easy to install. 11.0 is an improvement on a long legacy of easy to use software.)
(Caveat1: You will have to manually mount additional hard drives after installation using Yast partitioning. Older installation versions handled these issues during install.
Caveat 2: Much of the improvement in installation time comes from not performing a system upgrade during the install. If you want the latest software, you will have to dedicate time after the install. On balance, this is good compromise.)

Boots faster than 10.3. (Comment: Yes it does!, even on slow 400 Mhz CPUs, and systems with 500MB of RAM.)

KDE 4.0 impressive desktop (Comment: rivals Vista. I haven’t installed yet on a system with 3D support. Follow up comment, soon.)

Negatives: Bluetooth. This in an area with significant entropy. When items work, they work exceptionally, even better than Vista, which seems to forget its paired partners after a reboot. When bluetooh does not work under KDE 4.0, you are SOL. Bluetooth in 10.3 was actually easier to use, since it was a part of YaST.

From the “it would be really nice if” comment.
SuSE is the master of the one click driver install. Kudos to all the great work. It would be really nice if there was a one click button that archived all user files onto a network folder, or some other backup device, and a one click button restore this into a new system. This way, a user could backup files, upgrade the system, and restore files far easier than what is available now.


Glad to see that you are enjoying SuSE 11.0. As for the YaST2 Bluetooth issue, I too enjoyed the bluetooth module in 10.3. However, I have discovered that the bluetooth module isn’t in any repositories as far as I can see.

So, the only solution is to install the 10.3 package found here. When you download it just choose to install it with “Install Software” or PackageKit (if you installed it) or put it into a local directory, add it as a YaST2 source and then do it the normal way. You can also use Konqueror’s right click context “actions” menu to “install with Yast”.

If you’re unsure, don’t hesitate to reply. :slight_smile:

Also, here’s a picture if you were ever in doubt…

EDIT: If the SuSE team ever do release a bluetooth module, be sure to uninstall this one first with the software management module!