A newbie linux user giving a shout out to Opensuse

Okie so I have known about linux for years. tried a few time to install and configure it in many flavors back in the days (slack 9 mandrake etc) and honestly at the time i just wasn’t ready to get down with a whole new way of personal computing.

well here I am 2009 and still a uber noob with this AMAZING OS.

but per a new years resolution I stop procrastinating, stopped making excuses.

Enter Opensuse 11.1 I quickly downloaded the live(gnome) cd and threw caution to the wind.

I was impressed devices were either detected and configured automatically or with next to no effort required on my part.

The update system is far less intrusive then MS’s systems.

so then I began my hunt for software that would replace my once beloved and can’t live with out proprietary versions.

Itunes to banshee
azurus to monsoon
i could go on for ever but the short of it all is that I am free I am in control the tools and power to solve any problems I may come accross are at my finger tips and NOBODY is asking me for credit information for things like updates or upgrades.

I now have a sweet collection of applications that in a windows environment would have cost me several hundred dollars.! and whats even better is that this software is either exactly the same or better!

I want to thank the open source Community Open suse Developers and anybody else that has helped linux become what it is today. and as I become more versed in the inner workings I hope to be a welcome contributer to the community that has showed me a new world of personal computing.

and to the ranks of windows fan boys/girls that I have defected from claiming that (insert software here) doesnt work… two words “virtual box”

Linux For The Win…be afraid billy boy be very afraid…and for Christ sake leave the mosquitoes out of it.

Welcome - I’m sure the thanks are welcome as I’m sure your contributions will be.