A little video made in Blender

I want to share a little video that I have made with Blender.
I know that there’s many things to improve, that is my first step with Blender, so step by step… :wink:
I hope you like!


Made with Blender, edited with Kdenlive under openSUSE of course!! :wink:
Music from Jamendo
It’s on github artwork repo without my logo, and credits

PS: I’m working hard in another little video about openSUSE too.

Nice work.

Thank’s conram !

Another video


Both are nice videos. Good Work!

You are aware that Flash is going the way of dinosaurs, and being replaced by HTML5 video.

Have a look at Popcorn.js | The HTML5 Media Framework

rafter22 the animation were made with Blender, not Flash…

Well, the videos use my Flashplayer plugin to play, and I don’t recall saying they were made with Flash. Just pointing out that there were alternatives.

Plus, I figured since openSUSE was Gnu linux for open minds, that you might be interested in Popcorn, since Adobe isn’t going to support Flash on Linux anymore, and HTML5 video is the upcoming replacement.

What format did you use?

My fault, my english is not good as I would like :wink:

No problem. My English isn’t as good as some other people would like. rotfl!


Cheking the popcorn link !
Thank’s for sharing :slight_smile:

Nice work

My guess: you exported to AVI in Blender, AFAIK Blender doesn’t generate Flash. Then uploaded to Youtube, which plays it in a flash player, unless you tell Youtube to use html5, and watch it in Chrome or Opera.

Flash will be around for a while. There’s still no single codec supported by all html5 browsers, and you need Flash for a fallback if nothing else.

Wonder if you can make the openSUSE text circle around the rotating logo and the text is shaped like a tail of the gecko.:\