A little noobish question

Hi guys, i am back to suse again. Unfortunately I dont have CD/DVDs at the moment, but i have an older version of suse on 5 CD`s. I want to put it on my old pc, to act as webserver and server for other puproses (verli dc++ hub etc…). I know how to install Suse 9.0 but just wanted to ask you guys, can I update the freshly installed 9.0 suse to newer 11.0 version, or i must download and burn the newest release? Thanks in advance!

Even if the installer would do it (which I doubt), you really ought to do a complete re-install. Your apache and other server packages will be hopelessly out of date, for one thing.

If you’re worried about download times, do a net install of 11.1. Just download the net boot ISO, burn the CD, and install from the Web. If you’re just doing a server, and especially if you can do without a GUI, it won’t take that long on a fast connection.

But by the way and just for the record … I positively LOVED 9.0. I bought the boxed set on that one, and used it as a server kit for quite some time. Loved it. That was a golden release. :slight_smile:

Thank you smpoole7 for the fast answer. Since i want this to be a simple web server, for me and my neighbours, then i will keep the 9.0 :slight_smile: I agree that this was a golden release. Thank you again for the fast reply

… but on the other hand, the 11.x series has better management of the servers via Yast. (My opinion, anyway.) And the newer version does have the latest packages that include some important bug fixes.

But if you’re ONLY running it in house, and not exposing it to the Internet, that’s probably not a big security risk.

Since there is no ‘update’ button available (i mean, there is no easy way to update suse 9 to suse 11.x) i will keep 9. Yes, this is only for home/neighbours usage, and i do not intent do expose this server to the internet, so i dont need security fixes. I just wanted to ask you guys a little more questions. I sucessfuly installed web server, php and mysql, and everything is working fine, but when i was installing php, there is no package php-mysql which is strange,right?
The web server is working fine, so it has php-mysql package, because i have dynamic websites on the server, which require database connection.

I also want to monitor my router (WRT54GL running under busybox), with cacti. Since there is no cacti package available to install through YasT, i need to manually install it. I met all the requirements, (php, mysql, rrd tool, but i don`t have net-snmp). Can i just download a whole cacti package from different suse version and install it on 9, or i must install net-snmp, and then install cacti manually? Thanks in advance!