A kind request to Opensuse developers

Hi I’m vicky from India.some members of this forum know who am i(maybe)?really i wanted to post this thread under development sub forum.but i could not do it(subscribe to this rss feed only there).so i post this thread here.i installed Opensuse one week ago.after installing first i went to play a song on it.but it was not working.it asked me for mp3 plugin.i wanted to install it.so i clicked on search for mp3 plugin.it was not working.later i posted a thread under multimedia and solved my problem.my request is that in Opensuse why all essential multimedia codec’s are installed by default?in Linux mint they done this well.maybe that distribution’s success in it(installed multimedia codecs).here (India) many people are not being connected to internet.it will help who will try to use Linux.the people who asking me to install a Linux distribution.surely i will install Linux mint to them.because they are not connected to internet.but they will want to enjoy with music,videos.so my request to Opensuse developers is please load that multimedia codecs by default on the next version of Opensuse.


The openSUSE developers do not monitor this forum (nor will they see this thread). If you wish to contact the developers, you need to use the communication channels documented in this wiki: openSUSE:Communication channels - openSUSE … specifically the “mailing lists”, “openFate”, and the appropriate IRC chat channel. I know you stated your access was limited, but that qualifying statement will NOT help. If you wish your point to be noted YOU need to find a way to access the appropriate channels. Posting here in the forum will NOT get their attention.

Reference your Linux Mint comparison, note Linux Mint have no money in the bank. Anyone who sues them for codec license violation gets no money. On the other hand Novell do have money in the bank (at least they did until recently - things may change with the Attachmate purchase) and hence openSUSE presents a big target for those who want to make money from a law suit. Hence the risk (of a law suit) on openSUSE is bigger than that risk on Linux Mint. Hence openSUSE can NOT take the chance to have codec install setup the way Linux Mint has. Its too risky.

For those who do not have internet access, may I point you to here: Multimedia Pack Portable for openSUSE 11.4 which is documented in our FAQ/How-to for openSUSE-11.4 which one should read. That link points to a package that one can download for the various multimedia applications for an off line install.

Hello vike4,

For the reason why openSUSE does not support all media formats (like mp3) out of the box read Restricted formats - openSUSE.

As this is unlikely to change and in any case the developers can not do anytthing here, there is no need to contact the devepolers. But nevertheless I can tell you that almost no developers read these Forums. These Forums are frequented by people like you and me: openSUSE users. And we try to help each other.

For bringing things to the developers there are ways like openSUSE:Submitting bug reports - openSUSE and https://features.opensuse.org/. But it would be very clever to first post here to make sure that reporting a bug at the first is a real bug or a whish to the second gets support from other users.

Beside what oldcpu already explained about the legal issues and simply
downloading the multimedia pack to burn copies:

Nothing stops you from making your own specific spin of openSUSE with kiwi,
product creator or susestudio.
Just google a bit for it and you will find that openSUSE offers a lot of
possibilities to make your own DVDs which can be used by people with no or
bad internet access and contain the proprietary (nvidia and ati) drivers,
firmware for wlan, the multimedia codecs and what not else (just keep in
mind that you may have to remove the openSUSE branding, there are rules when
you are allowed to use it and when not).
If you cannot do it yourself, find some friends intersted in it and start to
do it together, make your own “india” spin.
What is cooler than that?
Hope that helps or gives you some ideas what is possible.

Another alternative:
You can also buy DVDs with all the important openSUSE repositories including
packman from the shops which you find at distrowatch.

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Thanks for this it will be more helpful to me.

Thanks for all your response guys.i want to ask a question to oldcpu.if we install multimedia codecs after installing opensuse will it not license violation?

It depends on your country and on the codec.

Some codecs can not be distributed with an OS (without the OS provider payng money and licensing the codec) but individual users are allowed to independently install for free (dependant on the country).

I think its possible < not sure > that other codecs require money no matter how they are installed, again dependant on the country.

As to which is which, I can not answer.

I from from Nepal and internet connection is no better here.But a great tip is to backup your var/cache/zypp folder so that you only have to download only once.But remember it may contain delta packages which is not installable directly.