A hardware compatibility issue?

Can opensuse 11.1 64-bit be installed on a desktop system that has the following basic configuration:

Motherboard - Asus M3N-HT Deluxe Series (new)
An AMD Athlon 7750 Dual-Core processor (new)
4 X 1GB Memory modules
A 500GB SATA 1 HD that has Vista HP installed on it
A 350GB SATA 2 HD that has opensuse 11.1 64-bit installed on it
2 CD/DVD writers
A MS Keyboard and a MS Mouse
And a 650W power supply

After replacing another Asus motherboard model, plugging and checking carefully all the electric wiring, Vista booted and ran well. A few drivers were successfully installed by Windows, and there were no problems in activating online again the o/s.

I keep untouched the Vista and opensuse 11.1 installs by entering directly into the BIOS utility to switch from one o/s to another.

The problem that I encountered is that opensuse 11.1 fails to boot. I tried to reinstall it, but when I place the installation DVD into the drive in response to the prompt “INSERT THE SYSTEM DISK” it just halts there.

I also noted that the G Parted Live and Knoppix 3.9 for i386 CDs will also halt when I try to run them at this point.

What happens if you insert a video-dvd when running Vista?
What happens if you try to boot from the Vista DVD?
Does this happen in both drives ?
What happens if you disconnect one of the CD/DVD devices?

My advice would be to reinstall, but you already opted for that. You could, as soon as you can boot from the DVD, try the option “Boot installed system” in the installer. It will look for a linux install and attempt to boot it.

Looks to me like you have a problem with the bios setup - set the bios to boot from cd/dvd and the dvd should boot.
To get a dual boot system, don’t play with the boot disk options. Install suse and once installed, boot from first hdd as normal. If you have a problem booting vista, look at the dual boot vista thread.