A Happy Convert

I will start of by saying a big thank you to the OpenSUSE community and developers for making such a great package. Thank You!!

I have been using Linux on and of for 15+ Years and remember using SuSe back then, it was times of command line superiority and a GUI was the “Light at the end of the Tunnel”. Over the years I have played with Ubuntu, Debian, Arch and Mint… Some Fedora on the way and I do recollect Mandriva at a time. What never occured to me during all that was to come back and give Suse a go again, a second chance. Having dabbled with the above and fought through so many niggles and problems and just never been happy to just call a distro my home.

I installled from DVD/USB live image OpenSuSE - I am so overwelemed by how well packaged and professional it is. With no hardware problems what so ever, ( I have a stock built Dell PC - and so many distro’s struggle with hardware) I am up and running and thourougly enjoying it. I remeber the Yast of the Past, and WoW has things changed, I love this centre, its sleek and responsive without being overbearing.

A Big Thank you again to the Dev’s and Community - I have now ellected OpenSuse as “My Distro” of Choice.

Hi, a warm welcome to these forums

Thank you for sharing your enthusiasm. Questions? Drop in, start a thread in the appropriate subforum. When asked for output, post it between CODE tags, it’s the # in the editor. And …enjoy !


Welcome back. My impression is that openSUSE has been quietly improving without most people noticing.

I am glad that you are doing well with Opensuse.

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