A Frustrated User's Guide to Linux by Andrew Dorney

I was chatting with Andrew18 on IRC last evening and he shared some work he is putting together. We all know that Andrew is a technical writer, so, it’s excellent material:)

Head over to A Frustrated User’s Guide to Linux for “Compiling a Custom Linux Kernel” and “WIFI with ndiswrapper”.

Looks like there are to be at least 15 more chapters; can’t wait.

Props to Andrew! Excellent tuitorial.

Thanks, snakedriver. I hope to cover a bunch of topics in Linux theory (explaining how the kernel works, how the x-server works, how applications interact with each other, etc.), as well as go into some practical problem solving methods to get the most out of a situation when something breaks. And then, of course, I’ll have some specific step-by-step tutorials, like the kernel and ndiswrapper tutorials. :slight_smile: