A free multiplayer combat flight simulator project

Hi all,

I’m posting this to announce the release of Airrace, an aircraft racing game. Visit the homepage for more details:


You can also see recorded videos (without sound) here:


Airrace was mainly meant as a simple test application for Aviation, the flight simulator it runs on. As the main project I’m considering a WWII-era multiplayer combat simulator since this area is not covered by FlightGear, the otherwise excellent free flight simulator. The technology is 90% there as can be seen on Airrace but the project is nevertheless too large to fit into my spare time so I’m experimenting with whether it might be possible to raise enough funds from the community to work on it full-time. This is the general idea, you can see the full rationale here:


Discussion is always welcome but it would be best if it could be concentrated in one place, the aviation-devel mailing list for instance. See the homepage for info on how to subscribe there.


PS: If this post is deemed inappropriate for this forum the moderators are welcome to remove it.

Not to kill your idea or anything, but maybe you should consider joining up with The Combat Simulator Project rather than starting a whole new combat sim. We may not be very active now, but what we have is a better starting point for your idea rather than going from scratch. Also we aren’t really restricted to just one era, and WWII aviation would be very welcome.

The Combat Simulator Project
CSP - The Combat Simulator Project

I’ve been aware of your project for some time now and it looks very impressive and promising. What I had in mind though was something that is physically accurate so as to be challenging to play and simplified otherwise, more of a game than a full simulation. I couldn’t really work on another project though even if the goal was the same. The combat sim is not a project I’m considering to start from scratch. I’ve already got Airrace and Aviation working so most of the needed technology is there. All this runs on a rendering and simulation platform called Techne which is my main project. All the rest else are side-goals.