A Focus Problem

  1. We have a Dolphin Selection/Drag Problem. What is that?? Have Two
    Dolphin’s open with icon view. DO NOT have anything hi-lited or selected.
    Click and hold on one item and Drag it to the other Dolphin. As you
    are draging it will select everything you drag over and draw boxes.
    NO. It is not consistent… -but- happens quite often.

  2. Window problem. If you click on a lower Window to bring it in focus at the top,
    it gets ‘stuck’ to the cursor and moves with it. It acts like a click and hold,
    which it was not. NO. This one is not consistent either -but- also happens
    quite often.

These are problems that we were/are experiencing in 11.4 -and- they are still present
in this new 12.1. Has anyone else experienced anything similar??

Does this get reported to openSuSE -or- KDE???

Take care,

I’d say this should be reported to KDE.

Agree pointing this to kde, as I get exact the same behavior in a kde-4.7.1 session using Gentoo.

Allllrighty now. In case anyone is interested, we have reported the Bug to KDE. It is:

Bug 283358 - Single Left-click for focus becomes a move.