A few troubles after installing

Hi there!

I’m a long time OpenSuse user, but I’m pretty new to “systemd” and “btrfs”.

Beforehand I should probably tell you my config:

  • minimal 42.1 install (only some services installed) -> ~2GB system size
  • removed “splash” and “quiet” from grub2 to see all messages
  • boot into console (no gui installed)

Here are some problems, that I can’t seem to find the answer for in this forum or with my GoogleFu…

  • “NumLock”: is enabled (via Bios) on boot, but get’s disabled as soon as the boot messages say “Starting OpenSuse Leap 42.1 …”

  • Setting “sysconfig > hardware > keyboard > numlock=yes” didn’t help

  • when using kexec to boot, I always get a kernel-panic and I have to do a “full” boot

  • maybe it’s my compiled driver for my legacy raid card (but this driver compiled and works without a problem) AND it works when booting “normally”

  • maybe I have to tell kexec which kernel / bootsettings to use?

  • how can I disable the system/kernel messages flooding my console?

I’m working on a lot of other stuff to setup my server the way it was, so I’m sure to fall over some other obstacles^^

Thanks in advance!