A few Questions-new to Suse

I just installed Suse 10.3 x86_64 Gnome. I have some questions about it since it is quite different than other distros.

1.) Is there a link somewhere that has a line by line description on how to get all the codecs so that Java, Flash, and other codecs so players like the ones from AOL can be seen and heard? Some places, I have a problem watching the videos eg: Movies, showtimes, theaters, movie trailers, celebrity photos, news, dvd, reviews - Moviefone , while others still have voice but no video. Of course, Java doesn’t work on Firefox either.

I just think it would be nice to be able to go anywhere on the internet and watch all the videos and see all the movement, play all the games, listen to all the music and stuff. Also, be able to play mp3’s, burn dvd’s, play dvd’s , really show off Linux as something equal to and/or better than windows.

2.) I have compiz fusion installed and Emerald theme manager installed yet none of the themes seem to work. It looks like some other theme manager is working and not the compiz theme manager. I cannot find where to change the manager from where it is to the compiz manager. I love my little x - on the upper right hand corner of a window, as it is I don’t really know how to close the window I’m in now. After the windows pile up, I simply reboot.

3.) Are Floppy disks still being used today? I haven’t used one one in over 10 years, yet there it is, right there on my desktop, my computer, and on the grub menu.

Thank you for your patience. Other major distros like ubuntu,fedora, mandriva have links in their forums where they show you how to remove the default programs add some other programs get the good stuff and voila! there you have a stereo, movie theater, internet playground,fully functional computer.

#1. There are instructions here Restricted Formats - openSUSE-Community . Think I’ve seen that posted under the multimedia forum too as a sticky. That should get you going.

#2. I’ve no idea. Me and compiz don’t get along because it always borks up my system with stuff like that.

#3. I do at work sometimes, but not very often.

Usb 4Gb stick is 2777 floppies. So the short answer is “no” and the long answer is “only at work”

  1. But you can always delete that entry from /boot/grub/menu.lst when it irritates you.

Using YaST > Software Management you can install the fusion-icon (and compiz-manager if not installed) packages.

One installed run it from a console and it should present the fusion icon in your system tray. Right click on it and set emerald as theme/window manager.

Hope it helps,

The openSUSE site also has many howtos and other great info on the site.
But as you state it could be a nice addition to create a main menu item with an index for this making it more accessible…

Just to re-iterate what bdquick pointed out, … Please take a look at our “WELCOME TO MULTIMEDIA” stickie:
Welcome to multimedia sub-area - openSUSE Forums

Some of us still use floppy disks as a way to backup our grub boot manager, creating an openSUSE boot floppy.

Here is a link to an old SLS archive, that needs to be updated and moved to our current HOW-TO’s.
How To Create A Boot Floppy (tested In Suse 10/2) - openSUSE Forums

As for point 3)
It could be your system does have a floppy controller on it’s motherboard.

As a suggestion check /etc/fstab for and remove or remark any floppy entires.

I think you can just delete the icon for the floppy, then when you don’t see it you won’t worruy about it.

Not sure what is going on with that site it should work, seems to be something on that page. If you collect the .qtl file and use the url both vlc and mplayer will play it. You should end up with the mplayer plugin which should of handled it with the restricted formats page you’ve been given(Maybe worth checking). Though for konqueror I decided on kmplayer.

In regards to java, now I have been running a 64bit browser on another distro using icedtea6 which is working OK. But normally I would recommend installing the 32bit browser and a 32bit java with plugin, makes life easier(Also can’t find icedtea6 for Suse).

As for nice I agree but a few places won’t support Linux due to liking DRM. So it’s unlikely to be an equal to windows just yet in regards to this.

Java/How To use Java with Firefox on 64-bit openSuSE 10.3 - openSUSE

I forgot about floppies almost since I am usually on my laptop. And since my laptop doesn’t even have a floppy drive, it won’t get mounted to the desktop on this computer