A+ essentials

Well i just took and failed my essentials test yesterday and to be honest i am bit suprised.

I was given the impression that i was ready to take the test based on my performance at the college. When questions are asked in class i am the one who knows the answer.

I have very little trouble with fixing computers but when i took my cert test i fell just short of passing. Has this happened to anyone else and if so how did you get past it?

Maybe you should consider taking a course in “How to take exams.”

I’m not kidding. There are techniques and strategies which can be learned that
will increase your probability of receiving a passing grade. Things like: good
time management; how to ‘guess’ the most likely correct multiple choice answer;
constructing good written answers (even if you do not know what you are writing
about); oral exam tips and tricks; etc, etc, etc, . . .

I don’t know enough about the content of the course but people sometimes get on better with one way of teaching something than another and if they are asked questions by someone who approaches the subject from a different standpoint they are thrown.

Possibly your tutor and the examiner look at the same things differently.

Are they the cisco examinations on the computer? I done those a couple of years ago. I passed okay, just needed to do a load of revision. Don’t you get 3 chances at them? 2 chances on the final?