a "Dock"?

Okay, I have been looking around at some different Linux based operating systems and I have noticed ones that use a dock, similar to that of Mac OS, specifically gOS. Can I get anything like this for openSUSE 11 Gnome?


I loathe Gnome, but I hear this is quite popular:

avant-window-navigator - Google Code

There are plenty of KDE docks I can recommend as well. All the cool kids use KDE.

try cairo dock! i’ve tried many docks and this one is by far my favorite

enderandrew - That sucks, I love Gnome… :slight_smile: I will look into avant-window-navigator.

dime-a-dozen - Thanks I will look it up.

can you describe what a “dock” is, what it looks like and what it does
(i’ve never seen a Mac or gOS)…

i’m wondering what is so great about them, i’ve heard others sing their


What do you recommend for KDE?


kooldock KDE-Apps.org
KSmoothDock KDE-Apps.org
KXDocker with REAL transpancy KDE-Apps.org

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Well I have personally never been on a Mac but I know how the GUI looks. Look up Mac OS X in google images and look for a desktop screenshot.

At the bottom of the screen there will be a “dock” not a “task bar”. The Dock will have either images of recently used programs, programs you add to it, and it just kind of looks fancy.

I just wanted to try one and and see if I liked it. Like I said I have never been on a Mac, or even seen one in person. (Trying to get my hands on an old IMac G3 though) I was looking for different Linux distros and I found gOS (some people call it good OS or google OS) but it has a dock. So I figured I would try on openSUSE.

Good luck.

I like my taskbar/panel too much.

I imagine for most users who only launch a small handful of apps, a dock is a quicker way to launch them than a Start Menu. So while a dock is quick launcher, and sexy looking, I find I can replicate the main benefit of a dock with quick launch buttons without losing all the other benefits of a taskbar/panel.

That’s just me.

so, i gather it mostly does the same things as a KDE “task bar” (holds
icons you can click to life and little programs doing stuff [like
showing the time, disk usage, moon phase and etc]) but with a different
name and different looking icons…

is that what “a dock” is?
just a “task bar” with a different name and graphics?


Mac users have been living with the dock for as long as I’ve known, and Macs are used for multimedia and other multi-taskings operations. So the dock must not be that bad, in terms of being about the have multiple windows and programs open. As well as being able to open different programs with ease. It is just different from lets say Windows or Gnome. Not to mention within Linux each distro has a completely different GUI design.

Like I said, go to google.com and select images. Then type in Mac OS X, or gOS.

Thanks again to everyone for the dock program names to look into.