A Couple of Problems With Chromium

I just did a fresh install of 12.1 and upgraded to Tumbleweed and i’m having a couple of issues with Chromium. First off i can’t get the google talk plugin to install. It acts like it has installed but it doesn’t. Second when i go to youtube and type in the search bar the tab crashes and all of the other tabs that have some other type of flash crash as well. Is anyone else having this?

Terribly disloyal I know, but after a string of difficulties with chromium in Tumbleweed through 11.4 and early 12.1, I switched to chrome


and (for now) I’m having a very good browser.

And I’ll watch this thread with interest to see if you get advice that allows me to switch back to chromium

Yeah i think i’ll have to do that…Hey you don’t by any chance know the url for the google repo with the talk plugin do you? I had it at one time but i can’t seem to find it again…

Do you mean this: http://www.google.com/chat/video/download.html?hl=en-GB
etc http://www.google.com/talk/intl/en-GB/

Not exactly. There was a repo where i could install the talk plugin from yast. It was like just a main google repo and it had google desktop and the talk plugin in it.

I switched to Seamonkey… Chromium is as stable as chinese skyscrapper during an earthquake.

Angelbeast: that`s weird, running 12.1+Tumbleweed, Chromium 17 works fine here…