A couple of beginner questions

Hello there,

I just installed openSuse 12.1 (I am new in linux). I have a couple of questions:

  1. How can I disable the auto pop up when I move the cursor in the top left corner (activities tab)?
    • How can I add a shortcut of my windows folder in desktop?
    • How can I delete a shortcut in desktop, e.g. network settings?
      I managed to show up the shortcuts in desktop, since they were disabled by default but I am not sure why.

You didn’t mention the desktop environment you’re using: kde, Gnome, something else?

Sorry, I use Gnome.


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-=WELCOME=- new poster (which i should have said yesterday, sorry!)

i guess you have to wait for a gnome user/helper to drop in…as a KDE
user i have no idea how to do what you wish…

but i can suggest that you mention which version of gnome you are using
because i guess the correct answer for 2 may not work on 3, and vice

in the future i think you will find faster help when you put only one
problem in each thread, and mention all the info needed by the answer
givers…oh, and please mention in the subject something referring to
the topic inside…i know for a fact that many of the helpers here
won’t bother to look into threads with nonspecific subjects…

imo these would have been better: “12.1 gnome3.2.1: how to kill top left
corner pop up?” or “12.1 gnome3.2.1: how to add or delete shortcut?” or
“12.1 gnome3.2.1: how to adjust mouse scrolling speed?”

then, old KDE users (like me) don’t have to click in to see they don’t
have a clue…AND the Gnome3 Gurus will arrive sooner rather than later…

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#1 - This is called the “Hot Corner” which gets you to the Gnome Shell Dash. If you prefer not to have it (you’ll still be able to access the dash using the “Windows” key on your keyboard), you can follow the instructions here: Trose-HFOSS: RIP Gnome3 Hot Corner - and yes, I agree that it should be easier.

#2a - I would imagine you can do this simply by placing a shortcut to your Windows folder in your Desktop folder. Just make sure that you have “Have file manager handle the desktop” turned on in Advanced Settings → Desktop (based on your next inquiry, I suspect you’ve already done this). EDIT: Hmmm… if your Windows volume is mounted, it should appear on your desktop if your select “Show mounted volumes on the desktop.”

#2b - Open the Gnome-Tweak-Tool (Advanced Settings) and choose the “Desktop” tab. Un-check the items that you do not wish to have displayed on your desktop.

There are several possibilities:
(a) learn to not move your mouse to the top left corner;
(b) switch to fallback mode (“System Settings” → “System Info” → “Graphics” (if I remember correctly).
(c) switch from gnome to XFCE or to KDE.

I’m not sure on that, because I’m not a gnome user. But that is probably easier in XFCE, KDE or in fallback mode.

If you have a laptop and use WiFi, then you are going to need that. If not, then switching to “ifup” network configuration in
Yast → “Network Devices” → “Network Settings”
will probably do the trick.

Thank you DenverD for the suggestions and everyone that replied :slight_smile:

User shortcuts for Metacity also work in Gnome-shell. Now defining shortcuts in Metacity is not obvious either. The shortcuts are in /apps/metacity/global_keybindings, the commands in /apps/metacity/keybinding_commands. You can see or modify them with gconf-editor and add/delete some with the gconftool-2 command line (not obvious, maybe I should post a script? )

Is there a gnome-shell extension to create application sortcuts? If not, someone has to write it.