A Ccleaner equivalent for GNOME

On Windows Ccleaner turns to be a very handy -if not mandatory- tool for regular system maintenance; among many other things it cleans out caches, temporary and/or unneeded files, links and libraries, among other kinds of remaining useless “garbage”.

In a past thread it was implied that this may not be necessary on Linux in general, but… is it really true, or did I actually misunderstand it?

I read KDE has its own “Ccleaner” integrated, which is seemingly called Sweeper or the like. So is it really useful for Linux/*nix systems? Is there an equivalent for GNOME?


afaik there is no “official” Gnome alternative you can use sweeper under gnome
bleachbit is a PyGtk so you might consider it a Gnome app

I have not much knowledge about Windows, thus I can not confirm that Windows can read you mind about what is “unneeded” or “remaining useless garbage”. I doubt that Linux can decide what you categorize as such.

As far as I can see the purpose of Ccleaner is to delete old temporary files and repair bad Windows Registry entries. Linux systems generally use cron jobs to clean up the “tmp” directories and do not have a Windows Registry. As far as limiting web browser caches, these are normally set from within the application software.

KDE Sweeper is a user-level desktop privacy tool and simply provides a one-stop utility to delete user activity history. It does not have a systems functionality.

Try gcleaner…

I searched about BleachBit and at first sight it would look as complete as Ccleaner, but again, just at first sight.

But, would BleachBit be as worth or needed as Ccleaner on Windows? Even though I already understood Linux systems don’t have a “registry” like Windows, what does one do on Linux with things like some program crashing or not properly closed, a thing going wrong or incomplete within web browser, miscelaneous garbage stuff (files, libraries, links, orphaned stuff…) piling up within whole system when uninstalling, changing packages or even just as time passes?

Truth to be told, on the other hand, I wouldn’t like that much to rely on yet another program on Linux as I have done on Windows…

Generally speaking those things are not needed.

been running openSUSE for about 10 years and never needed any of that Windows stuff. Bleachhbit will try to find and remove orphaned libraries and empty caches and temp files but these things are infrequent as a problem

If you want to run bleachbit on Linux, there are some old builds…


Looks like as an alternative to running old builds, you can download the python app with latest source and execute on your machine…



bleachbit for LEAP is stuck at 1.6 in the main OSS repo but you can get the current development build 1.17 from the utilities repo

zypper in https://download.opensuse.org/repositories/utilities/openSUSE_Leap_42.3/noarch/bleachbit-1.17-73.1.noarch.rpm

or get the current stable build 1.12 from the TW main repo (it’s a python app it should run fine on LEAP but no guarantees)

zypper in https://download.opensuse.org/repositories/openSUSE:/Factory/standard/noarch/bleachbit-1.12-3.2.noarch.rpm

no need to get it from 3rd partys
while Linux is not Windows having a cleaning utility can come in handy some times

Each has its advantages and disadvantages,i have two desktop computers at home, one (Linux) belonging to my brother and the other (Windows 10) to me.
BleachBit is working on Linux,it does do very well,but sometimes,i have no patience as it needs enought time to work.
But for Windows computer,i just select some program or data (Files) that i don’t want,then using CCleaner to reinstall or delete them.


There is a program which is able to do this " stacer "


CCleaner didn’t work for me yerterday,some files on the computer were not recognized by it,i didn’t look into what was wrong,and i install a software called Safewiper,as i see it can do everything what CCleaner does.