64bit Firefox Java Webstart Problem

I managed to fuddle around and amazingly very easily fix the problem of trying to open java webstart apps (and JNLP) with firefox on openSUSE 11.

Open YaST, search for firefox, click on it then the versions tab at the bottom.
change it to the i586 version.

search for java, find 1.5 or 1.6 or whatever JRE you want.
do the same with the versions.

apply the updates.

now SUSE may not like that you changed java like that, especially if you have 2 versions installed, a 64bit and 32bit. so run this as root

/usr/sbin/update-alternatives --config java

This will list the versions installed and ask you to select the one you wish to use as default java, select the one you just installed (it will be in /usr/lib/jvm… not lib64).

Start firefox and this should fix the JWS and JNLP problem in firefox. Granted you had to drop to a 32bit java and browser but if you really need to run JWS and JNLP then this is the only easy way I’ve found.

Btw, the sun bug report requesting a 64bit webstart has been open since /January 2002/ Bug ID: 4626735 Support Java Web Start on 64-bit AMD and Intel