64bit 11.2 m3 - usb input devices on startup

Hi all,

opensuse 11.2 seems to boot a bit faster than 11.1 .

Unfortunetally I have to wait before I can enter my password, because my usb keyboard (Logitech G15) with the mouse plugged in (integrated usb hub of keyboard) is activated 20 sec to late :frowning:

Does someone have the same problem?


my xorg.conf: #532392 - Pastie](http://pastie.org/532392)

I got it fixed.

The problem was not the keyboard, but the flash card reader (via internal usb)

I got messages like “device not accepting address 4, error -110” in /var/log/messages.


  • Log-In
  • disconnect the card reader from pc (plug out usb connector)
  • reconnect the card reader (maybe you want to start “tailf /var/log/messages” before)

The next boot was really fast and the keyboard was immediately recognized and the mouse, too.