64 bit Xen kernel problem

I am trying to install Xen on an Intel Xeon server. I am using openSuse 11.1. If I use the 64 bit Suse then I can’t successfully boot into the Xen kernel. It reboots automatically at some point before getting to the desktop.

On the other hand, if I install the 32 bit version of Suse I have no problem booting into the Xen kernel.

Any ideas?

Hi. I’m having an identical problem booting the Xen kernel after updating the xen to current standard updates. It always reboots at the point of trying to start the igb network driver in my case.

This is a new Nehalem Xeon DP system. Unfortunately the xen prior to this is defective in many ways the update fixes.

It does not reboot when booted into the standard 64-bit kernel, either.

I posted this before and no one replied either.

Does anyone have any further information on this? I too can not boot into the Xen Dom0 with x86_64 version of the OS. As the OP indicates, I can boot Dom0 with the 32 bit version (so long as I use Xen 3.4, not the default Xen 3.3, which crashes), and all seems fine, but I’m not able to boot a small test DomU, I get various errors.

What is the state of Xen 3.4 with openSUSE 11.1? Are people using this successfully?

If so, which versions of all of the relevant packages are being used?