64-bit laptop and Xen

Hi all
I’m going to upgrade my centrino duo laptop. I would purchase a 64-bit laptop with a maximum 13.3 monitor for developing scientific applications (compiling job for the cpu) with opensuse but I’d like to run as guest system windows XP using Xen.

I appreciate very much any advice on the type of cpu to chose AMD, Intel etc… and sharing of experiences from the community.
Thanks very much in advance

I choose a very interesting topics with million of interested people… I can ear the echoe in this desert room rotfl!

OK, here I come:
First: I’m a developper myself and moved from a 19" widescreen to a 24" recently, for the lack of view.
Second: Why Xen? On a laptop I would go for a VirtualBox solution; it’s much lighter and I doubt you can meet all the requirements for a proper Xen.
Third: Since you’re going for Virtualization, I suggest an AMD Dual Core, with at least 4 GB of RAM. Recent benchmarks show that it does pay off to go 64bit.
Fourth: don’t be too impatient. The advice you ask is not a newbie question.

Thank you Knurpht

Is VirtualBox an application or a class of applications?
Have you any experience or would you give some example of VirtualBox?

You refer to AMD, is there any difference (except the price) with intel 64bit in the benchmarks?

Sorry I was joking :slight_smile: