64-bit guest in VirtualBox

I’m running VirtualBox OSE 64-bit on an openSUSE 12.2 64-bit host. I’ve never been able to configure a guest for multiple processors. The processor setting is always fixed at one CPU and not adjustable. Been this way for any versions of VB and oS I’ve ever used. I always assumed this was a limitation of the OSE/PUEL license, and it hasn’t been a big deal before. Now I need to test the 64-bit version of oS factory in VB but this isn’t an option for me. Does anyone else have 64-bit running in VB? How are you doing this?

AFAIK this depends on the capabilities of the CPU. On my previous machine with Intel Core Duo I could not run 64bit VM’s, I’ll give it a try on a NET CD straight away, I think on my current CPU I can run 64bit VM’s.

UPDATE: Confirmed. I can run 64bit in VBox now, and use multiple cores.

To use 64-bit guests I assume you will need vtx/amd-vt support in your cpu. Rule of thumb is if you have a 64-bit amd cpu you probably have it, and if you have intel you should check the website for the cpu about virtualization extensions. I think you can find out by running cat /proc/cpuinfo but I am not sure what the flag would be called.

Yea, I checked the website, VTX no good. Funny that I wasn’t aware of that in all this time.

What CPU do you have? Have you checked your system BIOS to ensure it’s

PS, a simpler command is lscpu :wink:

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I have Core 2 2.4GHz. No mention of virtualization in the BIOS.

Thanks for checking, I guess my CPU just doesn’t support it.


Well, i think you can use 64-bit guest in VirtualBox but its only depends on the capabilities of the CPU.And its confirmed that you can run 64bit in VBox now, and use multiple cores.