5.5.33-MariaDB #08S01Got packets out of order

I go to localhost:3306 ( phpmyadmin) and I get this message, seems like maybe it isn’t running or what ?

localhost:3306 is not a webinterface (phpmyadmin)! It is MySQL/MariaDB’s database interface where clients connect to.
You can connect there with mysql-workbench or LibreOffice Base f.e.

To reach phpmyadmin, try http://localhost/phpMyAdmin/ instead. But this depends of course how and where to you installed it.

Phpmyadmin would connect to localhost:3306, but you can’t type that into a webbrowser.

thanks now I am getting access forbiden error - the same same as with apache. I’ve chnaged mysql passwd but I set the values in /etc/phpMyAdmin/config.inc.php auth =‘config’ and password = “mysql root passwd”

And how did you install phpMyAdmin?

Maybe the file permissions are wrong?

Does http://localhost/ work?

as I was posting early that is forbidden too, so the root cause is the apaches2 privileges problem ??

Yes, see your other thread.