5.1 & headset under KDE


After still running pure Alsa on 13.2 I finally installed Leap and kept Pulse.
Setup is intel on board sound chip with a 5.1 speakers (with its own on/off control) on the back of the card connected and a head set on the front of the pc connected

At first I only got sound from the headset so a lot of google-ing later I figured out to start alsamixer and disable Auto-mute
I now have sound on the headset and as long as I set “build in audio” to “analog stereo duplex” in KDE system settings I have 2.0 sound from the speakers.
If I set the “build in audio” to 5.1 I get sounds from all speakers but the headset no longer gives sound.

So big question is can I get sound from the 5.1 and also sound from the headset at the same time ? This was no issue under Alsa as far as I can recal

also info script: http://www.alsa-project.org/db/?f=e17dc4bf42c5b8b93e364d36f746cc173b53f638

Thanks for the help.