4vl for gadmei utv 330

my utv 330 tv box can detect in opensuse 11.2 but disconect with v4l…any solution fr me?please :frowning:

I don’t know much about these tv tuner devices, so my support will be limited.

You didn’t supply much information concerning your problem, so I (and anyone else who reads this and who might be able to help) am left to guess a bit.

What output do you get if you plugin your device and do

dmesg |tail

What happens if you try loading the v4l driver for this tuner? (You’ll need to be toot sith ‘su -’ command first).

modprobe em28xx

You may need to install one of these packages first (to match your kernel):

em28xx packages

Some info I quickly googled up (to help with reply):

Marcus Hellberg » Digital TV in Linux

Gadmei Utv 330 Usb Tv Tuner - Linux Forums

Thats about all I can offer at this stage.