42.3 was impossible to backup. But now with leap15 it is possible... why?

There are a few other threads in the forum about previous versions with no solution (like this) so the problem is not new.
When you are running OpenSuse from a sd card (raspberry), and I don’t know if it happens also with hard drives, you can make a complete iso-backup of the sd card and restore in the same sd card, but no in other sd card. The system does not boot.
BUT, I have tested recently and with Leap 15 does not happen! I can iso-backup the whole sd card and restore in another without any problem rotfl! (checked several times).

The tests are made with three sd card samsung evo 64GB (the same model all of three).
The software I have used is win32diskimager, etcher and Paragon Hard Disk Manager, by far, the best program.
I have tested with clean 42.3 opensuse installations and leap15’s.

My main concern is that the developers don’t know about this huge problem, and in future versions of OpenSuse we could lost again this ability super important in raspberry.

I don’t know the answer, because it depends on both the backup software and the way your system is setup.

If the backup software does perfect imaging, then:

if “/etc/fstab” uses UUID for device references, and device references by grub config and in the initrd are all to UUID, then it should not depend on the device specifics. If, however, device references use the device ID, then restoring to a different device wont work unless the restore process tweaks the device reference to refer to the new device.

Leap 15.0 is more consistent about using UUID for device references. So that’s probably what you are seeing.

They discarded that in the thread I referenced. :sarcastic: