42.1 --> 42.2 Upgrade --- and create /boot partition

I wish to try the 42.1 → 42.2 upgrade (https://kamarada.github.io/en/2016/10/31/how-to-upgrade-from-opensuse-leap-421-to-422/#.WTBRCkC1uWv ), and have a concern about space needed in /root.

I can expand /root, but would like to create a separate /boot partition prior to attempting the upgrade. I allocated a new partition, and copied the contents of /boot. After updating /etc/fstab for the new /boot partition, booting failed, unable to find a kernel. Any thoughts or references on this?

If I cannot easily setup a separate /boot partition, I can always either expand, or just install 42.2 over 42.1. All personal data is in a completely separate partition.

these are 2 separate issues

  1. creating a new /boot partition and using it
  2. doing an upgrade

1.I’m not sure this can be done in one step, if you want to use a separate boot partition a clean install might be needed or editing of /etc/fstab I’m not sure about this and I don’t understand the need for it
if you used mbr boot and want to switch to efi a reinstall is needed
2. that guide is pretty good I usually just remove 3rd party repo’s and run zypper dup from console logon (ctrl+alt+F1) I don’t even logout

Did you also delete content of /boot on root partition?

In any case, you need to reinstall bootloader because it needs to now look at new /boot location. “update-bootloader --reinit” should do it.