404 Not Found

… when right click on most top menu (https://www.opensuse.org/sitemap#downloads, https://www.opensuse.org/sitemap#development, https://www.opensuse.org/sitemap#community) and “Open in new tab” in palemoon, FF.

Yes. When you just left-click on those items you get a menu. When you then use “open in a new tab/page” on a menu item it works as expected.

As far as I can remember that happens on more places where a click will reveal a menu and not a page.

As the forums will head to another software, I do not think this will be resolved in the near future. I hope you can live with it as it is now.

Yes I can live with it.

This is nicest forum I’ve ever seen. Are there please any additional information about change to another software ?

I have no details. They are evaluating several Forums software packages. One of the things they are looking at is that it should support the central openSUSE/SUSE login, which makes that once logged in in the forums, you are e.g. also logged in in the Bugzilla, etc.

Well thank you for info.