403 forbidden on one computer and one site

This isn’t a big deal just rather annoying. My home network and internet work fine. I am connected through a newer linksys dual band wireless router and everything works great. I have a cheap tablet that connects wirelessly and can access www.exploreokoboji.com (a local news site) with no problems, however my desktop gets a 403 forbidden.

i am using android 5.0 on the tablet with firefox 58 and Tumblweed with firefox 68.0.1 on my desktop. I have also tried chromium and vivaldi as well as a clean profile with no addons in firefox on the desktop and all get the same error. I have checked all my /etc/host* files as well as resolv.conf and can’t find anything that would cause this. I have also double checked my Yast2 network configuration. Obviously I must be overlooking something…SuseFirewall and AppArmour are disabled. Tumbleweed is currently using the Wicked network service.

I have no problems with any other website. Anyone have any suggestions…?

I also get the “403 Forbidden”.
Leap 15.1 with FF.

Maybe you have login cookies stored on that one system?

It is not complete clear to me from your description if both systems are on the same LAN and thus use the same route to the inetrnet (and the web-server).

When not, it could be that the “local news site” checks for IP address ranges that “should be” n the neighbourhood.

Thank you for your reply…at least I know it’s not just me. The desktop and tablet both go through the same router to access the internet. I have cleared all cookies and cache on the desktop as well as trying a new virgin profile with firefox -P … while I was there I disabled all the new privacy settings in firefox…still the same. I also had the ex-wife try the site with windows 8 professional and firefox 68.0.1 and she can access the site from 2 states away so I don’t think it checks for local IP ranges and this site has never needed a login.

Maybe it could be a website configuration issue that affects only linux and the newest browsers but that’s just plain weird :slight_smile:

The whole problem is weird :frowning:

I tried on an openSUSE 13.1, also Forbidden.

Yes, same for me - FF on Windows works, while not with openSUSE. Changing the user agent string might be all that’s needed to fool it though.

Yes…that worked. I looked in about:config to match what is in tools->troubleshooting but couldn’t find a config entry for that…maybe I could add an entry…will look around and try some things

If changing the user agent works, then that’s a problem in the website code.

In general any “400 series” HTML error means that you had no problem connecting to the website but you were denied accessing the specific file… various problems can cause this type of problem like a permissions problem or a non-existent file or in this case perhaps that the website couldn’t understand how to respond to you because your web browser wasn’t recognizable according to the definitions it’s using.

The User Agent is basically how your web browser appears to the website, when you change the User Agent you’re impersonating some other kind of web browser.


As suspected. The issue is with their site really.

And it’s an outdated nginx version running there.

Yes, I noticed that too…

Silly web-site. I assume it is useless to send a message to them that they do not follow the standards. >:(

We’ll find out. I’ve had a draft mail waiting in Thunderbird for the whois contact for a couple weeks. Now that I can actually get to the webpage I’ll try the “contact us” link first. So…Android and Windows 10 work, wonder if whatever Apple is running works…Useragent switcher only has windows strings in it. :stuck_out_tongue:

Well that’s kinda final…“Diagnostic-Code: smtp;550 No such person at this address.”

Guess i gotta go the whois route…:frowning:

You explanied it is a local news site. Don’t they have a physical address in your locality. Maybe a bit an old fashioned idea, but then again I am of an earlier generation :slight_smile:

Yes…but the physical IT guy is not in my locality…>:)

The web site opens normally with Tor browser stable, but also getting 403 with Chrome Dev.

Tor: 8.5.4 (based on Mozilla Firefox 60.8.0esr) (64-bit)
Chrome: Version 78.0.3887.7 (Official Build) dev (64-bit)
Add-ons for both: Disconnect & uBlock Origin