4000+ rpm upgrade hung on package btrfsmaintenance

I don’t even have a btrfs filesystem, all ext4. After waiting some time, I killed two btrfs related scripts, and then zypper dup continued. It was hung on:

/usr/bin/systemctl try-restart (many btrfs things)

I wish we could solve these intermittent hangs during upgrades and reboots that are related to btrfs. I will attempt to remove all btrfs related packages and startup scripts.

Like you I prefer ext4 so I do the following as root:

systemctl list-unit-files --state=enabled

Then I look for all instances where btrfs or snapper is mentioned and disable those. In my case these were:

systemctl disable btrfsmaintenance-refresh
systemctl disable btrfs-scrub.timer 
systemctl disable btrfs-trim.timer 
systemctl disable btrfs-scrub.timer
systemctl disable snapper-cleanup.timer 
systemctl disable snapper-timeline.timer

The system then starts much faster, especially after disabling btrfsmaintenance.
If you do this those systems are disabled. Should the system really need them it will re-enable the required files. If they stay disabled you can safely remove them.

The same happened here. I also use all “ext4”. I waited 15 minutes, then killed the script.

There’s an open bug report, with quite a few people running into the problem.

I might try the suggestion by fuerstu – to disable all services that are related to “btrfs”.

I uninstalled all 12 btrfs/snapper packages and marked them taboo. Reran mkinitrd just in case. Everything still seems to work!

Likewise, almost.

I’m also continuing to use ext4, I’ve yet to be convinced of any “benefit” from btrfs.

I removed all snapper related packages and “btrfsmaintenance” quite some time ago.