3Ware 9650SE-8LPML on Suse 10.3 in RAID 5?

Suse 10.3 and 3Ware 9650SE-8LPML. Will they play well together?

I am going to build a new system and I have been reading horror stories about getting RAID controllers to run on Linux. Almost all of the very few posts I can find report having trouble with this card.

I am building a new quad core, ddr3 system and want a raid controller with hardware XOR and a large cache. Will this 3Ware 9650SE-8LPML card with a batter backup module work with write caching enabled and take advantage of the hardware XOR? Or, will it bypass the cache and the XOR processor and do all of the RAID 5 calculation on the main processor?

This array will be for data, not a bootable, system drive.