3g Modem not connecting

Hi all;

I’m trying a long time to configure my 3g modem to connect.
I had tryied using the KDE Network manager and the modem stay in “Waiting authorization” for ever ^^.
The KDE Network manager runs ok in Kubuntu.
My configuration:
Number: 99**1#
User: tim
Pwd: tim
Pin: ****
Puk: ********

I had tryied download and install kppp, but kppp don’t open my modem (/dev/ttyUSB01)

Then how can I configure my modem?

Model: Huawei E100
Mobile: Tim

The modem is detecte by my system (dmesg |grep modem)

Tks for your help.


I use a very similar device to yours. Here is how I got kppp to use the modem.

First, to configure the modem…

Yast > Network Devices > Modem

Under ‘Modem Configuration Overview’ click ‘Add’

Next, in the top most text area, enter /dev/ttyUSB0, you can leave the other settings on that page, as is, generally.

Now, click on ‘Next’ and enter/add your ISP details. Unless otherwise, enter the phone number like 991#**

Having done that, go to the next page and ensure the following settings are checked.

  • Modify DNS When Connected
  • Automatically Retrieve DNS
  • Automatically Reconnect
  • Ignore Prompts

Once finished, your device will show up as modem0. Kppp will now use this to connect.

Hope this helps :slight_smile: