32bit version of rrdtool very very slow on x64 system with opensuse 12.3 rc2

I’m using cacti-0.8.8a with opense 12.3 rc2.
If you want show the pictures with a web browser you get crazy because it’s so slow.
All cpus’s are mor than a full …
Analysing shows that the problem lies in the rrdtool version. If you use 62bit version all is right
BUT if you use 32bit version rrdtool is very very slow to create graphs in cacti…
I don’t know if it’s the access to mysql to get data but it’s definitly rrd tool which is slow.

I need 32bit version because my data are shared between a 64 bit system and 32bit system.
Until Opensuse 12.1 there was no problem…

Any idea? a known problem?

Sure this is necessary? We have 32bit and 64bit openSUSE on various machines, data have never been an architectural issue.

Yes because I use the SAME rrd file on 32bit and 64bit system.
Of course there is no problem if every system has it’s own files but shared you cannot use rrd’s created on 64bit system nor the other way round.
Error will be: ERROR: This RRD was created on another architecture