32bit thinkpad r51 doesn't boot with Kernels 4.8.x

since a few months I’m running an old R51 with 32bit-Tumbleweed. But since the first update to 4.8-Kernel it won’t boot. Thanks to multiversion-kernels-Feature I can go ahead with old Kernel 4.7.6, looking and hoping that newer 4.8-Updates will help, but until yet they don’t!

Kernel loading…, initrd loading…, then, without any diagnostic output, the notebook resets…:frowning:

regards Det

Known problem with certain 32bit CPUs, see http://bugzilla.opensuse.org/show_bug.cgi?id=1006417.

Will be fixed in kernel 4.8.5, which is on its way to Tumbleweed.

Hi Wolfi323,
thanks for your info, so i can relax and wait for 4.8.5., especially for some other of my oldtimers, which are running headless…

Yes, but actually the next update will be 4.8.6 already, which has been released only a few days after 4.8.5. :wink:

updated this morning to 4.8.6-2 and…rebooted succesfully!