32 bit runtime files

I am in the process of installing opensuse 11.2 64 bit on one of my machines and have run into a glitch that I am unsure of. OS has installed OK, but I want to install the drivers for my Canon ip2600. Was not sure if it would work on 64 bit and came across this thread:
Canon ip 2600 printer - openSUSE Forums
where it states that ip2600 will not work on 64 bit unless I install “32 bit runtime files”. So I need to do that, but my questions are, "What are “32 bit runtime files”, where do I find them and how do I install them.
I am feeling pretty stupid right now, because one would think that having been using opensuse for 8 - 10 months, I might know this, but I don’t seem to. So laugh if you will, but please tell me so I can get this printer installed. Thank you.

You don’t have to feel stupid for that! There are quite a few 32bit libs.
The referenced thread says that you can post your queries there. Why didn’t you post your query under that thread?

ty syampillai

I don’t know why I did not post there, probably did not see/read that part. I think I figured it out, but I will go and post there, in case others may benefit.