32-Bit Libraries on 64-Bit OpenSuSE

I’d like to install ZSNES on 64-bit OpenSuSE, however when I go to install the rpm which I downloaded from the openSuSE build service it will not install due to missing dependencies (libao, libGL, libSDL). ZSNES was written in 32-bit asm so it is not possible to build an x64 version.

When I go to install the 32-bit libraries through YaST they are only offered as a downgrade and I can’t seem to be able to install them separately alongside the 64-bit versions of them, surely clicking downgrade would mean first removing the 64-bit version and replacing with the 32-bit version.

You will need to find the 32bit versions for 64bit eg libao-32bit

Have a search here;
Get it

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