32 bit kernel install on a x86_64 AMD X2 machine.


After trying to install the NI-DAQmx 8.0.1 (from National Instruments) on a AMD X2 64 bits machine, running OS 11.0 x86_64, I found out that this is not supported. NI-DAQmx is only supported for 32 bits systems…
Is it possible to install a 32 bit kernel on my x86_64 machine? Which is the best way to do this? Please consider that I’m kind of newbie to kernel installation matters.:shame:
In addition I would like to have both kernels available at boot time in case I decide I don’t need the NI on my system anymore.

Thank you


You basically have to do a reinstall or a parallel install. The runtime libraries are different for the two architectures, so you need two installations. It’s pretty much like having two distros on the same machine. You can share your home and swap partitions though.

Thank you for your reply.