32-bit environ 13.1 - how to install?

Not sure of the problem now been a while

Yast-software management search for 32-bit and I see a 32-bit pattern. Also search for 32bit in menu select all in this list to install. Either of these 2 should bring in all current 32bit libs.

If the lib you want is something that has been dropped maybe need to deal with that separately

I would say the easiest thing to do would be to look at the program that you are trying to execute from the Yast package manager. If you click on that program, it will show the description of the program on the bottom right of the window. Directly above the description are several tabs that you can click on, one of those tabs (can’t remember at the moment) will show you what packages that the program depends on to run properly. You can make note of them and install them.

As for seeing what is part of the “32 bit environment” package from a previous version, I would say to install the previous version of opensuse under virtualbox, then you can see for yourself what all packages get installed.

FYI, if you create a directory under your home, call it LOCAL RPM, place your program you want to install in that directory, you can then add that directory under Yast repositories and run the Yast package manager, search for your program by name and ideally it should automatically pull all the needed dependencies in for you.

Hope this helps.