32 bit Chrome No Longer Available. Bad news for laptop owner?

I have a 32 bit laptop on which I am running openSUSE 13.2. Just tried to install Chrome from Google and found it no longer supported. Does this mean I cannot run Chrome on my laptop?
I know Chromium is still available so will try. Meanwhile grateful for confirmation of my understanding.

Yes, ended this month, announced since last year. See

Google Chrome Axes Support for ALL 32-bit Linux Distros


IINM Chromium is your only option, I hope you don’t need Netflix on this laptop…

Still available for windows, however.

Only bad news if you need it. I have never needed to use it - so it is neither good or bad news for me.

why not just use chromium?
personally I don’t like chrome or chromium
I think Firefox ships with a drm module that can decode netflix streams, as I don’t use netflix I can’t confirm but you can try and migrate to the Fox.

A workaround with wine and FF for windows:

Since Firefox 32-bits for windows now supports Netflix DRM it may be your answer.

Mozilla plans to implement it for linux this year, so all is not lost. Unless they also drop 32-bits, of course. This will happen, sooner or later.