3 monitors

Just wondering if anyone has pulled this off/ I am currently running opensuse 11.2 with a nvidia 6200 pcie and 2 monitors. I have a spare pci nvidia 5200 and another monitor. I googled but came up with only concerns of 2 monitors.


As somebody who has never used more than one monitor, I just wondered, why would you want three monitors?


On Sat, 05 Dec 2009 01:56:02 +0000, Barry Nichols wrote:

> As somebody who has never used more than one monitor, I just wondered,
> why would you want three monitors?

Personally, I find the extra real estate to be useful - but I do multiple
monitors different than the OP - I use Synergy+ to share a keyboard/mouse
across three different machines. Really nice when using full-screen apps
on multiple systems and you need to reference information on more than
one at a time (part of my day job is much easier doing this to copy/paste
information between applications rather than switching back and forth
between the apps on multiple machines).


Jim Henderson
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There technically no reason using 2 monitor cards won’t work as long as they can be configured to use different i/o assignment. Without different i/o assignment the same info would go to two monitors which I don’t think is what you want. The next hurdle is to have software that is multi-video card aware. I know newer Os’s are geared up to use two video cards where one is usually on-board and the other is PCI / USB / or AGP.

Checkout multi-monitor video (googled)
Multi-Monitor Guide - Choosing the video card(s)


Multiple monitor multi-head video cards

Apparently Linux can support up to 16 monitors if configured right.

have fun!

It’s great watching a movie or using tvtuner on one while surfing the net on another, the 3rd just cause i think it would be cool and just for looks. Have the hardware might as well use it.

I have a post up regarding that topic, as well as another in which I am helping someone else work this out.

You can refer to them for information regarding setting up a triple head display. If you have any questions afterward, let me know and I will see what I can do to help you out further.