3.18 kernel on 13.2 invalid signature

I installed the 3.18 kernel on 13.2 (x64) from


and it won’t boot, it says invalid signature on vmlinuz. I have secureboot enabled, is it related to that? anyone else seeing this error? thanks

I haven’t tried a 3.18 kernel. However, this is very likely related to secure-boot. Try disabling secure-boot to check.

As far as I know, these kernels are signed by a different key. Your system is seeing the signature as invalid, because it does not have the key needed to verify the signature.

At one time, I was running the old Tumbleweed (for opensuse 12.3 at that time), and I had this problem with all of the kernels that were not part of the released 12.3. I set the system to always keep the oldest kernel (which was the one from the released 12.3). That way, I would always have a signed kernel that I could boot. And on a kernel update for 12.3, I would manually delete the oldest so that the updated 12.3 kernel then became the oldest. And I would briefly disable secure-boot, to test the new Tumbleweed kernels. There’s actually an explanation about this at openSUSE:UEFI. I notice that they have not updated that web page for the new Tumbleweed. I don’t know whether the key that they link to for the old Tumbleweed would work for your 3.18 kernel.

Your options:

  1. Turn off secure-boot, at least while testing a development kernel;
  2. Stick to the kernels released with the standard distribution;
  3. Create your own key, add it to MokManager, and sign the kernel yourself.

This thread describes how to enroll Tumbleweed key: https://forums.opensuse.org/showthread.php/499554-How-do-I-enroll-tumbleweed-kernel-signature-in-shim-efi