2nd timer confused about partition sizes


I am going to do a clean install of suse 11.0. Let’s say, just to pick a number, I am going to allocate 50 Gb to suse. I have 1.5 Gb of ram so I am thinking 1 Gb or 2 Gb for swap.

How should I portion out the rest of the 50 Gb?

I guess I do not understand what files, over time, get put into the root directory and what files go into the home directory. Is the suse os in root or suse os plus all of the future programs you install, etc.?



Given 50GB of space (for the average user)

10 GB /
2 GB (swap)
38GB /home

With 1.5 GB of ram however, I doubt you’ll ever touch nearly all of that swap, however you will need it if you plan to use suspend.

Programme files pretty much go into root directory. Mostly what a user generates or downloads, stores in terms of data and media is in /home. Jaysonrowe’s numbers look pretty good to me – perhaps 2 Gb more for root – maybe.

Or you can let the installer make a recommendation. I think it will choose 2xRAM for swap and about 10GB for /, and rest for /home, unless you are really short of disk space, in which case it will toss everything into /.

Also if you choose LVM setup you can resize the partitions quite easily with yast later if you realize you ran out of space in your root or home.